03 August 2007

Florian Knispel

This is Florian Knispel from Germany. I don't know much about him, except that he's done some media and modeling work. But what matters is that he is somewhat easy on the eye!


So in celebration of male models, meet Dominique...

love love love

I am so in love with this boy, love love love....

The sweet blond boy.....

Have you ever had an experience where you saw something so beautiful that your head just started spinning and you can feel this intense heat in your chest? That just happened to me when I saw these pictures!!!!! So gorgeous!!!!!

21 July 2007


Roy Fowler is one of the luckiest writer, he was invited to join Bel Ami on location in the beautiful Greek island of Mykonos. He gave his impressions in a lengthy article “FLY ON THE WALL” for Mandate magazine special # 75 (Mandate presents BelAmi) with breathtaking photography by Benno Thoma.

15 July 2007

Hot Blonde

Extraordinarily beautiful! Hot! Incredibly gorgeous! What else can I say: Stunning! CJ


I'd give him a job recommendation any time!

Model special - Nick Potts

Beautiful guy. My compliments to the photographer.

HAHA, They'd definately snap me!!!

Street Boy

He seems to be pleased that the photographer see him ...